Monday, March 12, 2012

Looking back

I just got a wonderful reminder of last summer when my friend Tanya Brown sent a link to the curator talk about Quilt National which is currently showing at the San Jose Museum.   QNtalk

I was able to go to the opening weekend at the Dairy Barn, and met a lot of supportive, generous  artists who have stayed in touch.

Tanya has one of the best blogs around-
Incisive opinions, brilliant insights and biting humor!

Pat Pauly has an outsize, sparkling personality which is reflected in her glorious work-

Shoko Hatano journeyed from Japan with her daughter

Deidre Adams (originally from Albuquerque:)) is just north of us in the Denver area.  Not only is she a truly original artist, she also did some great blog posts about our time at the Dairy Barn.

I do try to make an effort to attend shows - there is nothing more eye-opening than seeing your work displayed in a gallery setting, and meeting the other artists and show organizers is quite a treat.

I'll leave you with a pic of the beginning of Opposites Attract- yes it was hung on the clothesline to dry :)