Sunday, October 2, 2011

First Colony

 I took a few process pics while making the latest, which is an assembly piece.
It began with a yard and a half of silk habotai and a similar sized chunk of reemay.
First step was to paint the reemay in the color pattern I wanted, beginning with the lightest color which outlined the shapes.

First white, then naples yellow, then began mixing some iron oxide in.

 I segued all the way to deep purple at the centers.
 Then I painted the silk in the same pattern but with the gradation going the opposite way- dark around the outside, light in the middle.
the silk, painting done.
fusible was then applied to the reemay, and I melted a pattern in it with a soldering iron.
here are 2 of reemay cutouts laid on top of the silk. 

this is the silk and the reemay, all fused together and ready for the preliminary quilting.
I put it on the machine with just felt as a backing, and sewed it all, and then cut them apart.

After I turned all the edges under, I reassembled them in the original pattern. I auditioned a lot of different colors of silk dupioni for the background, and finally chose a honey-to purple iridescent that I had overdyed with rust.   I traced the outline of the shapes on the silk with chalk, and quilted just the you can just see the chalk outlines,
this is the quilting pattern

I then appliqued stitched the reemay and silk shapes over the quilted background.
this is a detail of the finished thing, am going to wait a bit before posting the completed piece.


  1. well that's pretty amazing - as always I'm inspired - just can't wait to see the whole piece - thanks for sharing the process as you went

  2. wow- APU I'm impressed-really interesting to see it step by step, Betty!

  3. This really IS fabulous. I keep staring at it and trying to soak in the steps . I am going to try it .

  4. Thank you, Betty, for this step-by-step visualization of your amazing work. So many times I've looked at your work and been mystified at how you get from blank fabric to your finished piece. Seeing any artist's process is a privilege and an inspiration!

  5. Where did you get Reemay fabric?