Sunday, February 5, 2012

but wait there's more

Just now the question of using poly thread with the heat gun came up, so I thought I'd put up some pics
of the tests I did.

 first this is the layout, stitched.....4 different meltables- poly and nylon- on top of 4 pieces of cotton.
this is a sheer home dec material, melted really nicely but there isn't enough contrast with the cotton below to see it well.
 this is a disgusting nylon pillowcase.
 this is the poly I ended up using, you can see where the thread has burned away in spots.
So while the heat gun was out, I attacked some felt with it.....

 made some of it into trees, and put them in quilt.  Although they were pretty stiff with the paint & all they were no problem to sew through.

Moonlight Sonata, 25x42


  1. This is really great Betty. Thanks so much. Great idea to keep track of which fabrics do what.

  2. Love what you do. The burn out fabric is really very cool. I've done that with a wood burning thing but hadn't tried a heat gun - will have to try that. Your work is stunning.

  3. Hi Betty,

    My blog this morning, Feb 28, says your blog has a new comment as of yesterday but it does not show on my computer. I do not know who has the trouble but there seems to be some somewhere???