Monday, April 25, 2011

Endings and beginnings

I'm happy to say that Ending/Beginning has been accepted to the Sacred Threads show for 2011.
I have participated in this exhibition for the past few years and it is a rewarding and meaningful event.
The initial inspiration for the piece came from the news that Sir Edward Downes and Lady Downes had chosen to end their lives together at the Dignitas Clinic in Switzerland- Downes
To me, the choice they made was a positive one, and I wanted to make a statement about cycles- for every ending there is a beginning.  There is both a sunset and moonrise (although an astronomer friend says full moons & sunsets can't appear in the same quadrant- to which I replied, don't confuse me with the facts).
All seasons are represented in the tree, and the young couple beginning their lives together looks into the future.
The quilt began, like vulcanized rubber, with an accident- more on the making of it tomorrow.

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