Sunday, April 24, 2011


There was a wealth of talent and skill at work at the Grand Forks Quilt Connection in BC, Canada.
People came from as far as 7 hours away for the workshop, and were enthusiastic, dedicated and fun to be around.  I only took a few pictures, but wanted to share some of them- and report that sea turtles are no longer endangered in the Canadian Rockies :)
 Bev took to silk painting right away, and made a gorgeous sunset sky.

 Florence is the local fabric shop owner.  She invited me into her home for a wonderful dinner  cooked by her Mountie husband!

I brought several copies of my sea turtle pattern- this one's by Donna, who did a really neat job on her background as well.

TJ brought in a quilt she made featuring a home town Olympic hero.  Note the ski pole holder!

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