Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Gift

My dear friend Sue gave me a stunning piece of handwoven silk brought back from Thailand by her brother years ago.  I wanted to talk a bit about what an inspiration it has been, and the many ways one piece of fabric can be used.
the first project I did with it started with overpainting parts of it with iridescent inks-

then I drew a tree on it freehand with paintsticks-and stenciled leaves......

added a moon printed onto cloth and quilted it-

Blue Moon was the result, it's featured in 1001 Artisan Textiles and was sold to a collector in Rhode Island.
The next project was Push, which began with painting the silk with india ink and a bit of metallic gold.

It was overlain with non woven material and extensively thread painted.
Push was featured in Visions in Oceanside, CA and was sold from the show to a collector in Southern California.
Two more very different pieces tomorrow.


  1. Each of these pieces is so different, yet they're from the same piece of fabric. The way you made "Push" is fascinating -- is the non-woven material just heavy interfacing that you've painted?

  2. It's a lightweight spun polyester made for textile conservation called Reemay.