Friday, July 22, 2011

testing 1,2,3

I make tests all the time, since I try something new on almost every piece.
I want to see how the process looks, and also check on the durability.  The wall pieces aren't meant to be washed of course, but I need to be sure the images are permanent, non smearing, and can withstand some handling- the work gets shipped to shows, sometimes many times.
I feel it's very important for all of us to do this- collectors should feel confident that their investment will last.
I pulled this magnificent pile of silks, some Indian dupioni from Silk Baron and some chinese silk acid dyed by me.  I'm looking for that red rock color that we saw last weekend in the Jemez, and might work with a photo from the Valley of Fire by my pal Hannah.
Quilted a few samples to see how they discharge- tried jacquard discharge paste and Decolourant plus in green.  Brushed it on really thinly since I just want to highlight the quilting.
The green is really disgusting, see no use for it in this project.  this is the paste applied, before steaming.
I was pretty shocked after I steamed these at how readily the color was removed- seems much faster than on cotton.  the color with the green warp turned really green after steaming.  hm- will need to think about this.


  1. I always have "surprises" when I play with fabric/dyes, etc. I just never know what to expect. Hopefully in time experience will give me some clues.

  2. The color in silk discharges VERY fast. I did some thiox immersion and it was almost instant.