Monday, May 16, 2011

but wait there's more

Because I love painting so much, and to give myself a little more elbow room, I make a silk background to use for the fish instead of the batik I had originally chosen.
This is really typical, I often change big as well as small things as I go-

the silk is so transparent when wet that it's hard to see, but it is there- lying directly on the styrofoam.
It got pinned on the wall and I stuck on a bunch of the critters I've been making- this is going to be a well populated sea!
 more components- a pile of seaweed from dryer sheets, and some cool rocks from heat treated interfacing.
 more tests- 2 types of leave in stabilizer (fail) and some lutradur on the right- it's pretty but a little stiff and brittle for me.  I expect my work to hold up to some handling and wear and tear, since it often gets sent to shows.  And, I wouldn't want to sell something that I wasn't convinced would hold together.
I may experiment with it further, but it has to pass my torture test!
Here's several types of interfacing heat treated- the one on the left is pretty cool, and I'll make some rocks from it.
Finally, here's a couple of critters I made from Hollytex.

Heading up to the SAQA conference in Denver, then onward to Quilt National in Ohio, so I may not get much making done in the next couple of weeks.....

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