Monday, May 9, 2011

more 'speriments

got out the heat gun today to torment some different materials-
which didn't faze any of them.
sooooo, I ended up putting 'em under the broiler.  Luckily there are fierce winds today that blew the smells out of the house.
the Hollytex, below, is cool- looks a lot like Tyvek.
the Yupo melted into a hard useless lump, and the Reemay, although easily melted with an iron by accident (grr), just laid there under the broiler.  So I attacked it with a propane torch.  still nothin'-*fail*
I worked hard to get some Evolon, heard it melted interestingly- but, after the heat gun, broiler, and torch, it looked like something retrieved from a shark's stomach.
*epic fail*
I should have some Lutradur around here somewhere, next victim!

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  1. I didn't know you had a blog!!!! I posted your blog link on the RRAA blog. I love this 'experimenting" as that is what I love to do too.
    I also posted something about you on the RRAA blog-hope you don't mind my tootin' the horn for you.