Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The meadow

I decided to make a quilt honoring British Columbia, and began with a few (bad) pictures I took when heading back to Spokane.   The original title was Leaving Grand Forks, but since I took so many liberties with the setting, it became the Meadow.

This is just out of GF, heading East.
ok, this is the best deer pic I got, the whole family was hanging out in the middle of the road, but by the time I could pull over & get out, they thought it prudent to hop back into the forest.  there were only a few other vehicles out there, but they were biiig logging trucks, so I didn't dare stop on the actual road.
I took this sky, which is from my house at dawn, and worked on it a bit with paintstick.
 Then I combined it with some color washed batiks and painted  some silk for the mountains.  The combo was messed around with to get the right proportion, photoed and printed out on plain paper so I could draw out some details.

The deer are stitched out, ready to be appliqueed- positioned in the right foreground.   They'll be removed and sewn on later, after the background is completed.


  1. Ok, I am your first comment- I have been stalking you for a week now, and finally made it official :) I am constantly amazed by your talent, and the prodigious amount of work you create in such a short time...such discipline- I am inspired!

  2. from a prodigious talent such as yourself- thanks :D

  3. Betty, I am in awe! You produced that quilt so quickly I can hardly believe it. It is beautiful! I so enjoyed your class in Grand Forks. I would love to be able to come down to New Mexico to take another in your studio. You are a wonderful teacher and I learned so very much. Thanks for coming to Canada.
    Bev Ewan (Golden, BC)