Saturday, July 16, 2011

fuzzy logic

A couple of months ago, I made a bunch of silk "bullseyes" as class samples, and because they are so darn fun to do.
I took one of them and added some felting.  Since I can't get the wool to stick on habotai, I glued them together temporarily with Vilene.
here it is during quilting-
The Vilene makes everything stiff as a board, but luckily the machine doesn't seem to mind sewing through it all, and it washes out easily-
It turned out pretty cool, and I'm going to mount it onto another piece.
For the background, I picked out a gorgeous piece of silk brought back from China for me by my good friend Darlene.  It became my first acid dyeing experiment, and I've been saving it for something special.
here it is with the silk  wool roving laid on top-

under nylon after a couple of passes with the sander-
and rinsed out, still wet- will get quilted when dry.

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